Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting ready for School and Christmas

Unfortunately many of the things that make holidays so special in the States are very difficult to find in Japan. For example; typical orange pumpkins to use for Jack-o-Lanterns, Turkeys to roast for Thanksgiving and Christmas Trees. As our stay in Japan grows longer we make the best out of what we can find or create ourselves.

Motoki is becoming more curious about Christmas and Santa Claus. So we thought he should have some semblance of a tree so we made one out of cardboard. It turned out pretty good, even though it's on the small size. Motoki is very excited about it, especially since now Santa has a place to deposit the presents.

Japanese Elementary school students all wear traditional backpacks that they keep for six years.
They're called Randoseru. Yoko really liked a company based in Tokyo. This company, Tsuchiya, makes very nice quality bags. Motoki eventually chose a really nice leather bag in a charcoal grey
Randoseru are quite expensive, so we were relieved to learn that they are traditionally paid for by the grandparents. 

As Elementary School approaches (the Japanese School year begins in April). Both Yoko and I have been practicing the Japanese alphabets and the English alphabet with Motoki. He has started to improve and now he's able to recognize letters and count in both languages.

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